English Essay Word Summary

The first power point presentation deals with the definition of thesis statement and presents the views and definitions of different literary experts concerning the subject. The importance of correct thesis statement in the argumentative paper cannot be underestimated; the presentation is quite helpful at pointing out the main issues that need to be taken into consideration while coming up with a thesis. Moreover, in order to facilitate better understanding of the subject, numerous examples are provided aimed at further explaining of how thesis statement should be prepared. The major things to remember are: thesis should be positive rather than negative; it cannot be vague; it should be direct and clearly identifiable. Most of the literary experts cited within the course of the presentation agree that thesis should reflect the core argument presented at literary work or essay.

2. The next presentation reviewed concerns the writing process. In order to succeed as a writer, every person should have a writing process aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity. Writing process can be divided into six equally important parts: invention, collection, organization, drafting, revising, proofreading. Each part should be given enough attention; otherwise the essay might be well off in most of the areas, however one area that was neglected can ruin the whole process. The external conditions of writing are important as well. The writer should not be interrupted, and he/she should have enough time to have breaks whenever needed. After the essay is finished, there are first order and second order concerns dealing with essay structure and documentation used to support the essay.

3. The difference between passive voice and active voice is quite distinguishable; this difference can be manipulated by the experienced writers in order to achieve the desired goals of the literary work. In the active voice, the emphasis is on the doer, a person who does an action aimed at some object or other person. In the passive voice, due to its verbal structure, the emphasis is placed on the object, rather than on the doer him/herself. In many short literary forms, passive voice is rarely used; active voice is the dominant form. However, the integration of passive and active voice in a skillful way can contribute to a more interesting and contextually diversified work. Both forms are equally important and should be used wisely by the writers.

4. The last presentation addressed here deals with argument and is full of valuable suggestions as for how to make the argument more persuasive and well supported. An argument is a position taken by the writer that he/she is going to defend within the scope of his/her work. An argument should be specific and feasible, so that it can be supported by understandable examples from various fields. In order to convey the idea or a point, the writer should be able to draw analogies and create similar situations, like the one he/she describes defending the point at issue. A strong argument is able to persuade the readers to undertake some action or to believe in something. A well defended argument is the one that relies on specific and vivid examples.

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