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Sample Research Paper on Obesity

If you plan to write a research paper on obesity, try to study the topic from all possible sides, because the problem is quite pressing in many developed countries of the world and needs effective solution. Students often present low-quality samples of research papers on obesity, because they do not treat it seriously and investigate […]

Sample Essay on Criticism

Students who are required to write essays on abstract topics are always disappointed, because they do not have the slightest idea of what to write there. If you have to write a good essay on criticism, spend some time to thing over the topic and the problems connected with it, as it is impossible to […]

Sample Essay on Gay Marriage

Students who face the problem of essay writing about gay marriage need good piece of advice and professional example to start and develop the topic properly. It is really complicated to write a successful essay on gay marriage spontaneously, that is why plan the composition and the key points of the paper from the very […]

Abortion Research Paper Sample

Writing a research paper on abortion is quite a delicate matter, because this topic is extremely controversial and one has to collect enough reliable information to complete an informative paper and support his point of view. Students often fail the research papers of this kind, because they do not understand the nature of the problem […]

Sample Essay on Child Abuse

If you have to prepare a good essay on child abuse, you should realize the importance and urgency of this problem, which is quite a complicated job. The problem of child abuse has always existed but nobody paid attention to it. For quite a long period of time the fact of the existence of child […]

Sample Research Paper on Bullying

If you master social studies and need to write a good research paper on bullying, be sure to treat this topic seriously, because it is very important and urgent nowadays. The quality of your investigation will show you the reasons, ways and possible consequences of bullying and its negative role in modern society. Bullying has […]

Essay on Environmental Sustainability

Purdue University North Central is known to be among the three hundred colleges, which participate in the Sustainability Report program throughout the US and Canada also known as Green Report Card (The College Sustainability Report Card). According to the statements from the official website of the program, colleges compete for becoming the most attractive educational […]

Sample Essay on Fashion

It’s funny how life turns out. At first you’re somewhere in the gutter, selling god knows what in order to survive, the next minute, you are married to one of Forbes’ magazines most richest men. Or, you are one of the most famous investment bankers in the world. People flock to you for advice and […]