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Sample Essay on Learning

To be an effective teacher is to invest yourself into making a difference in the lives of the students you teach. An effective teacher inspires his/her students with the importance of learning and the freedom of creativity. They provide opportunities for learning by managing information in a way that allows students to attain knowledge and […]

Sample Essay on Gadgets

Our life has changed drastically during 20th century. Many things that were praised and defended before are now forgotten or disregarded. Modern life is unthinkable without computers and thousands of other intricate devices that were of no use before. Contemporary generation grew up in the new informational environment and easily finds common language with all […]

Sample Essay on Cloning

Beginning from last year and on, we, as species, have crossed into a new dimension, which we will never retreat from, and that is, cloning. To begin with, we should know what exactly a clone is. A clone is a genetic duplicate of an existing organism. Therefore, a human clone is a duplicate of an […]