Essay on Reliability

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a set of items used to measure the level of success of systems and techniques applied in an organism. The firm in this case study oversees a number of contractors tasked with operation and maintenance of a seawater purification plant. The ten KPIs are used to formulate criterion to determine whether the contractors provide correct information. According to the criteria, the percentages are calculated and categorized into colour coded groups of excellent, moderate, and critically low.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are tools used to measure the success of an organization or production process by comparing expected results to the actual output. It is worth noting that KPIs are vital to reducing the complexity of performance to fewer key indicators to make it simpler and easier for assessment. Notably, in the context of this paper, KPIs are defined as a set of both financial and nom-financial measures used to rate a contractor’s performance relative to the organization’s critical success factors (CSFs). Additionally, for the utility company in question to meet their goals in monitoring maintenance and operations, it is crucial to ensure that the contractors under them meet the required standards related to their areas of specialty.

The then KPIs developed for the utility company in this case are listed below: Read the rest of this entry »

Essay on Milkweed

Wright’s “Milkweed” is a sensitive, perhaps even sentimental account of the author’s feelings towards his the plant that symbolizes mercy and forgiveness. In a short narrative of only 12 lines, the author succeeds in conveying the longing for care that has failed somewhere in the world of people and seeks refuge in the animal world.

The author begins with a picturesque description of the small house, later going over to the depiction of the little plant. The landscape drawn with only a few features nevertheless appears vividly in the reader’s mind. The main target of the poem is the little milkweed that stands out as a symbol of mercy, as something that has arrived from a different world. In this sense the portrayal of the plant is deeply symbolic and metaphorical. The plant is endowed with features not usually found in lifeless things, such as ability to “love” the author in “secret”. Although the milkweed is “wild”, it is also “gentle”, an attribute that would be adequate in the description of a girl. This personification of the plant allows the author to convey the feeling that the milkweed is the essence of mercy and love in this world. Read the rest of this entry »

Essay: Teenage Alcohol Drinking in UK

Government and social organisations of the United Kingdom are concerned with the problem of teenage alcohol drinking. The results of the last survey show sad statistics. They show that the percentage of the young people who consume alcohol grows through the last years.

Specialists detect the general growth of the heavy or light drinkers among the teenagers between 11 and 15 years. These results were achieved by the British Medial Association and published the report called “Alcohol and Young People”. These results are so frightening because teenage alcoholism or even alcohol consuming can become a very dangerous problem for the society.

Statistics shows that not only the number of teenagers of 11-15 years old who consume alcohol have increased but also that the amounts of the alcohol they drink became bigger. The results also show that by the age of 13 more than half of teenagers consume alcohol drinks either regularly or from time to time. “Among 11-15 year olds who do drink, the average weekly rose from 5.3 units in 1990 to 10.7 units in 2004”(Bates, B. et al). Read the rest of this entry »

Essay on Women’s Roles

reconsideration of the role of women in the church has received great attention in the past decades, primarily under the influence of feminist philosophy. Kostenberger in his analysis strives to arrive at an understanding of scriptural evidence that could provide grounds for resolving the debate between the traditional, complementarian understanding of male-female roles in the church and the new egalitarian perspective.

Although recognizing at the onset the relative use of arguing on exegetical grounds with those that hold a different set of hermeneutical assumptions and exclude certain exegetical outcomes (p.235), the author nevertheless proceeds to explore biblical texts viewing them both from the viewpoint of perennial importance to the church and background. Thus, considering 1 Timothy 2:9-15 that he labels as “the crux of the matter”, Kostenberger methodically rejects assumptions made in interpreting the passage by other authors: that Paul could have referred only to ‘emancipated’ Ephesian women, that he was referring to heretical female teachers instead of all, or that women in those times lacked adequate education (p. 237). While all these comments seem pertinent and the substantiating evidence convincing, the author could have strengthened the argument by bringing in opponents’ work and refuting their arguments and evidence. Similarly, the discussion of distinction between informative norm and the injunction on p. 243 would most require greater substantiation of what constitutes each time of norm and their distinctive characteristics. Read the rest of this entry »

English Essay Word Summary

The first power point presentation deals with the definition of thesis statement and presents the views and definitions of different literary experts concerning the subject. The importance of correct thesis statement in the argumentative paper cannot be underestimated; the presentation is quite helpful at pointing out the main issues that need to be taken into consideration while coming up with a thesis. Moreover, in order to facilitate better understanding of the subject, numerous examples are provided aimed at further explaining of how thesis statement should be prepared. The major things to remember are: thesis should be positive rather than negative; it cannot be vague; it should be direct and clearly identifiable. Most of the literary experts cited within the course of the presentation agree that thesis should reflect the core argument presented at literary work or essay. Read the rest of this entry »

Arahnophobia Research Paper

is the special case of zoophobia, the fear of spiders, which is one of the most widespread phobias. People, suffering from arachnophobia are called arachnophobes. Some arachnophobes are much more afraid even not a spider, but an image of spider.

Opposition of arahnophobia is arachnohilia, a disorder in which the patient feels sexual excitation when seeing spiders.

If your main objective is to investigate the topic and present the results of your investigation on the topic, it may be useful to look through some free sample research papers on arahnophobia, which can among other to help you understand that according to questioning, 50% American females and 10% American males are afraid of spiders. Spiders are more scary than fire arms, cars or airplanes. Read the rest of this entry »

Research Paper on Vitamin A

is a group substances with a similar chemical structure, which includes retinoids: retinol (vitamin A1, akseroftol), degidroretinol (vitamin A2), retinal (retinitis, the aldehyde of vitamin A1), retinoic acid, and several pro-vitamins-carotenoids, among which the most important is ?- carotene. Retinoids are found in animal products, and carotenoids in plants. All these substances are readily soluble in nonpolar organic solvents (such as oils) and poorly soluble in water. They are deposited in the liver and can be accumulated in the tissues. Its overdose is toxic.

Vitamin was discovered in 1913. In 1931, it was described by its structure, and it was crystallized in 1937.

In humans and animals, Vitamin A has many biologically important functions. Retinal is a component of rhodopsin, the main visual pigment, which as well, in the form of retinoic acid, stimulates the growth and development. Retinol is a structural component of cell membranes and provides antioxidant protection. Read the rest of this entry »

Research Paper on Kurt Vonnegut

(November 11, 1922 – April 11, 2007) was American writer, satirist, artist, called “a writer of New York State” in 2001-2003.

Kurt Vonnegut was born in Indianapolis. In 1941, he became a student at Cornell University in New York State. While studying chemistry at the university, he wrote for the newspaper «Cornell Daily Sun». After the Pearl Harbor, he volunteered to join American forces going to Europe.

In 1944, Vonnegut was taken captive and during his imprisonment witnessed the bombing of Dresden.

After war, Vonnegut entered the University of Chicago majoring in anthropology. Along with his studies in graduate school, he took a part-time job as a reporter in the local news bureau. In 1947, he tried to defend his thesis, but failed. After this failure, in 1947, Vonnegut moved to Schenectady, NY, where he worked in General Electric. At the same time he started to write. Read the rest of this entry »

Research Proposal on Heavy Metals

is the group of chemical elements, which are characterised with the high atomic weight and density. There are more than forty explanations of the term ‘heavy metals’ and it is impossible to find the single right one. As a result the list of chemical elements will be different, because will be based on the explanation. If one focuses on the atomic weight which will be more than 50, the list of heavy metals will contain all the elements starting from Vanadium; but if one decides to use density as the main criteria which will be equal or higher than of Iron, the list of elements will include Lead, Mercury, Copper, Cadmium, Cobalt, but the less dense element Tin will not be included into the list.

There are also classifications based on the other numbers of density and atomic weight and there exceptions for the rare and noble metals. Read the rest of this entry »

Kidnapping Research Paper

is a wrongful intentional act aimed at secret or open, or by fraud, withdrawal of a person from his natural micro social environment and from his residence with subsequent retention elsewhere against his will.

The crime is mostly committed for mercenary motives and aims ransom from relatives or loved ones of the kidnapped person, as well as forcing these people to perform the required actions for the kidnappers.

According to legal experts, kidnapping is a socially dangerous deliberate action aimed at removing people from their permanent residence and forcibly holding him at the place unknown for relatives and law enforcement agencies. However, such place is believed by many experts not as a necessary feature of kidnapping. Read the rest of this entry »