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Electrocardiography Research Paper

Electrocardiography is a method of recording and study of the electric fields generated by the heart. Electrocardiography is a relatively inexpensive, but valuable method of electrophysiological diagnostic tool in cardiology. Electrocardiography is a direct result of electrocardiogram recording – a graphical representation of the potential difference arising from the heart contractions to the body surface. […]

Research Paper on Baking

Baking is a heat treatment process, including heating food by dry air in an oven. Baking temperature ranges from 160 to 250 ° C. In the external part of the food, namely the one which is directly subjected to the heat, Maillard compounds are formed as a result of combining a fat (or degradation products […]

Vermicomposting Research Paper

Vermicompost is an organic fertilizer, a product of the processing of organic agricultural waste with earthworms (most often Eisenia foetida and Lumbricus rubellus) and bacteria with participation of other organisms (insects, fungi, etc.). In the process of vermicomposting, weed seeds pass through the worm’s body and lose their ability to germinate. In addition, vermicompost in […]

Research Paper on Rice

Rice is a cultivated plant of the Poaceae group, cultivated in temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions for its fruit, or caryopsis, rich in starch. It designates all the plants of the genus Oryza, two species of which are cultivated: Oryza sativa (commonly called “Asian rice”) and Oryza glaberrima (commonly called “West African rice” or “Casamance […]

Research Paper on Mars

Mars is the fourth planet in order of increasing distance from the Sun and the second by increasing mass and size from the eight planets that make up the solar system. Its distance from the Sun varies between 1.381 and 1.666 AU (206.6 to 249,200,000 km), and its orbital period equals to 686.71 days. It […]

Research Paper on Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a management concept, which implies unswerving quest to eliminate all kinds of expenditure of resources not oriented on the production of value for the end customer. Lean manufacturing involves the business processes optimization and maximum customer orientation. Lean manufacturing is an effective approach to the company management, which ensures long-term competitiveness without […]

Vegetarianism Research Paper

Vegetarianism is an ideology characterized, in the first place, by abstaining from eating flesh of any animal. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term “vegetarian” comes from the word vegetable. The dictionary says that the word became popular after creating the Vegetarian Society in 1847, but it shows still earlier occurrences. Vegetarian Society, which credits […]

Ralph Waldo Emerson Research Paper

Ralph Waldo Emerson (25 May1803 – 27 April 1882) was an American poet and essayist famous for his talent for oratory. He was one of the most influential thinkers and writers of the nineteenth century and a supporter of democratic egalitarianism. His contemporaries considered him to be a philosopher of idealism, which creatively continued idealistic […]

Research Paper on Environmental Economics

Environmental economics is a branch of economics, which deals with the question of the causes and solutions of environmental problems. Ecological economics considers the economy to be a part of the ecosystem, which focuses on preserving natural capital. Until the mid-1980s, environmental economics and natural resource economics were two independently evolving disciplines. The environmental economics […]

Research Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, which studies such disciplines as fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, neural networks, artificial life, and robotics. The main object of its study is the rules of the intelligent human behavior, the creation of formal models of these behaviors, and – as a result – computer programs that simulate […]