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Research Paper on Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a management concept, which implies unswerving quest to eliminate all kinds of expenditure of resources not oriented on the production of value for the end customer. Lean manufacturing involves the business processes optimization and maximum customer orientation. Lean manufacturing is an effective approach to the company management, which ensures long-term competitiveness without […]

Vegetarianism Research Paper

Vegetarianism is an ideology characterized, in the first place, by abstaining from eating flesh of any animal. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term “vegetarian” comes from the word vegetable. The dictionary says that the word became popular after creating the Vegetarian Society in 1847, but it shows still earlier occurrences. Vegetarian Society, which credits […]

Ralph Waldo Emerson Research Paper

Ralph Waldo Emerson (25 May1803 – 27 April 1882) was an American poet and essayist famous for his talent for oratory. He was one of the most influential thinkers and writers of the nineteenth century and a supporter of democratic egalitarianism. His contemporaries considered him to be a philosopher of idealism, which creatively continued idealistic […]

Job Satisfaction Research Paper

Job satisfaction is an indicator of how much a person satisfied with his work. Other definitions describe job satisfaction as an attitude or set of beliefs and opinions about work, also taking into account the emotional component of this work and an employee behavior caused by the circumstances connected with this work. According to Locke’s […]

Research Paper on Environmental Economics

Environmental economics is a branch of economics, which deals with the question of the causes and solutions of environmental problems. Ecological economics considers the economy to be a part of the ecosystem, which focuses on preserving natural capital. Until the mid-1980s, environmental economics and natural resource economics were two independently evolving disciplines. The environmental economics […]

Research Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, which studies such disciplines as fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, neural networks, artificial life, and robotics. The main object of its study is the rules of the intelligent human behavior, the creation of formal models of these behaviors, and – as a result – computer programs that simulate […]

Research Paper on Yoga

Yoga is an Indian philosophical and religious doctrine that includes a series of mental and physical exercises such as Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Kriyas, meditation, and asceticism. The term yoga means both control and integration in the sense of guiding the body to understand the soul for their unification in God. In a narrow […]

IBM Research Paper

IBM (International Business Machines) with its center in Armonk, New York is the world’s largest information technology company with over 410 000 employees operating in more than 170 countries, where there are the computer hardware and software production, server and R & D services. The company is the world leader on the number of the […]

Abuse Research Paper

1. There are three perspectives on domestic violence: political, social learning and frustration-aggression ones. All of these perspectives should be taken into account, as there are various factors that can induce violence. That’s why these perspectives are of importance. The political perspective explains domestic violence quite clearly. It is obvious that women are much more […]

Tobacco Research Paper

Tobacco is an agricultural product processed from the leaves of plants in the genus Nicotiana. It can be consumed, used as a pesticide and, in the form of nicotine tartrate, used in some medicines. It is most commonly used as a drug, and is a valuable cash crop for countries such as Cuba, India, China, […]