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Facebook Addiction Research Paper

Psychologists have only recently begun to use the term “Facebook addiction“. Before that, there was more generic name for these phenomenon – “Internet addiction.” Today, social networks are gaining increasing popularity. Most often, teenagers and young people under 30 are their most loyal clients. Common interests, the ability to find someone from former classmates or […]

Research Paper on Dark Tourism

Dark tourism, also called “Thanatourism,” is a form of tourism that involves visiting places that are associated with death, suffering, or disaster. It is generally related to the local history of the country and can be represented by the remains of a natural disaster, a former Nazi concentration camp or a memorial, here associated to […]

Electrocardiography Research Paper

Electrocardiography is a method of recording and study of the electric fields generated by the heart. Electrocardiography is a relatively inexpensive, but valuable method of electrophysiological diagnostic tool in cardiology. Electrocardiography is a direct result of electrocardiogram recording – a graphical representation of the potential difference arising from the heart contractions to the body surface. […]

Research Paper on Baking

Baking is a heat treatment process, including heating food by dry air in an oven. Baking temperature ranges from 160 to 250 ° C. In the external part of the food, namely the one which is directly subjected to the heat, Maillard compounds are formed as a result of combining a fat (or degradation products […]

Vermicomposting Research Paper

Vermicompost is an organic fertilizer, a product of the processing of organic agricultural waste with earthworms (most often Eisenia foetida and Lumbricus rubellus) and bacteria with participation of other organisms (insects, fungi, etc.). In the process of vermicomposting, weed seeds pass through the worm’s body and lose their ability to germinate. In addition, vermicompost in […]

Research Paper on Tigers

Tiger (Panthera tigris) is a large mammal of the cat family and one of four types of “big cats”. The word “tiger” comes from the Greek tigris, which in turn is derived from Iranian languages ??and means roar or cry at the end of a joyful greeting. The evolutionary center of origin and current habitat […]

Research Paper on Rice

Rice is a cultivated plant of the Poaceae group, cultivated in temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions for its fruit, or caryopsis, rich in starch. It designates all the plants of the genus Oryza, two species of which are cultivated: Oryza sativa (commonly called “Asian rice”) and Oryza glaberrima (commonly called “West African rice” or “Casamance […]

Research Paper on Global Recession

The global economic crisis is a temporal phenomenon, which we can rarely escape. For a decade, the world have experienced about a dozen of economic recession, which had a significant impact on global level. An economic crisis is a sudden deterioration in the economic situation and outlook. Its sectoral scope, time and location can vary […]

Research Paper on Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) refers to different methods to realistically augment reality with virtual objects. Most often, AR is a visual enhancing of the real world by introducing any virtual, imaginary objects in it. AR has numerous applications in various areas: video games, cinematograph, and television, as well as areas related to 3D environmental or 2D […]

Research Paper on Mars

Mars is the fourth planet in order of increasing distance from the Sun and the second by increasing mass and size from the eight planets that make up the solar system. Its distance from the Sun varies between 1.381 and 1.666 AU (206.6 to 249,200,000 km), and its orbital period equals to 686.71 days. It […]