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Essay on the American Dream

American dream is the image of the ideal life which reigned in the US society at the beginning of the XXth century. The USA of that time was developing extremely fast and became one of the most prosperous and influential countries of the world. It was known that the USA was the country of possibilities […]

Sample Essay on Time

Time is one of the fundamental concepts of philosophy and physics, a conventional measure of the relative motion, as well as one of the coordinates of space-time, along which are stretched the world lines of physical bodies. In philosophy, time is an irreversible course (moving in only one direction – from the past through the […]

Research Paper on Environmental Economics

Environmental economics is a branch of economics, which deals with the question of the causes and solutions of environmental problems. Ecological economics considers the economy to be a part of the ecosystem, which focuses on preserving natural capital. Until the mid-1980s, environmental economics and natural resource economics were two independently evolving disciplines. The environmental economics […]

Research Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, which studies such disciplines as fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, neural networks, artificial life, and robotics. The main object of its study is the rules of the intelligent human behavior, the creation of formal models of these behaviors, and – as a result – computer programs that simulate […]

Research Paper on Yoga

Yoga is an Indian philosophical and religious doctrine that includes a series of mental and physical exercises such as Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Kriyas, meditation, and asceticism. The term yoga means both control and integration in the sense of guiding the body to understand the soul for their unification in God. In a narrow […]

Equity and Trust Essay

Equity and Trust – Dishonesty Question 1 The nature of the case of the Royal Brunei Airlines Sdn Bhd Vs Philip K.M. Tan involves a look at the role of equity in commercial transactions and contracts. The airline company had contracted BLT as it agents to carry out the sale of airline tickets to both […]

Essay on World Change

People’s View of the World Change over Time The concept of analyzing people’s views on the changes that have evolved over time within the world involves a diverse range of sections. People have made attempts to analyze the historical changes, which have eventually taken time across the world, although it have proven to be quite […]

IBM Research Paper

IBM (International Business Machines) with its center in Armonk, New York is the world’s largest information technology company with over 410 000 employees operating in more than 170 countries, where there are the computer hardware and software production, server and R & D services. The company is the world leader on the number of the […]

Rhetorical Effectiveness Analysis Essay

“Building: Old Main on UA Campus” – rhetorical effectiveness analysis The text “Building: Old Main on UA Campus” serves as a historical reference and clearly aims to show the significance of the building and its place in the modern world. After a certain time of analyzing it, one should conclude the text does have considerable […]