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Sample Essay on Chocolate and Children

Essay on Chocolate and Children: The world is very relative substance. It is impossible to find things that can be just good or bad, tasty, salt, high or calm. Listening to the music is good, but if it is not doing your neighbors at 3 a.m. Someone loves chocolate for its taste and surface qualities, […]

Sample Research Paper on Marriage and Divorce

Research Paper on Marriage and Divorce People are created not to be alone. This is the statement that we hear beginning with Biblical story about Noah and his Ark. Is it truly so? We have a chance to choose depending on our own wants, needs and beliefs. It is not a universal statement, but if […]

Communication, Social Memory and Social Cognition Essay

Communication, Social Memory and Social Cognition Essay Sample In general meaning, salience is a state or quality of standing out relative to neighboring items, or, in other words forcing itself on the attention, prominent, conspicuous, and noticeable. Salient people stand out of the crowd due to physical, behavioral or other distinctions. The causes may vary […]

The Great Wall of China Research Paper Sample

The Great Wall of China Research Paper Introduction The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest historical monuments that people inherited from the ancient epoch. Some elements of the Great Wall of China, built hundreds of years ago, still exist and attract millions of tourists. The question concerning the reasons for the creation […]

Stanley Fish Essay Sample

Summary / Response: Stanley Fish Stanley Fish is a professor of humanities and law at Florida International University and a writer for the New York Times. In two articles, written in consecutive weeks, entitled Plagiarism is Not a Big Moral Deal and The Ontology of Plagiarism: Part 2 he highlights the importance of plagiarism. He […]

Sample Research Paper on Anxiety Disorders

Counseling Children with Anxiety Problems Anxiety problems are the most common mental health disorders in children. They are usually connected with persistent and uncontrollable worries over long period of time. Speaking about children experiencing such problems, in is necessary to mention that they usually involve significant distress in such settings, as school, relationships with friends […]

Employee Development Research Paper Sample

The Role of National Training Awards in Terms of Improving Employee Development in the Current Political, Economic, Social and Technical Environment Introduction The training of employees is traditionally considered to be one of the major conditions of the progress and successful functioning of any organization. Many organizations view the training programs of their employees as […]