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Research Paper on Hobbes

Hobbes’ Criticism Hobbes claims that you are nothing more than your physical body (or your brain). If this is true, then you are exactly the same as your body (or your brain), so whatever is true of you must be true of your body. But consider the following objection to Hobbes: “Although you can be […]

Autism and Vaccines Research Paper

The age we are living in is characterized by rapid technology development and constant innovation. The health systems of almost all the world countries are developed to the point, when it becomes impossible for us to imagine that some illnesses, except for the apparently fatal ones, can not be cured. What is more, today, it […]

Sample Essay on Love

Love I have been wondering what real love is since I was a kid. I read lots of books, watched hundreds of movies and TV shows about love; I’ve seen lots of people in love, loved and loving, until I developed a definition of this phenomenon suitable for me. Millions of books, songs and plays […]

Essay on “Beloved” by Toni Morris

“Beloved”: Looking For Identity “Beloved” by Toni Morris is the bright example of how the soul can be destroyed when the person is not taking responsibility for his own actions and is dependable on others. I am talking about the slavery through which the person experiences emotional, physical and spiritual devastation that is not easy […]

Gender Identity Research Paper

Concepts such as gender or race are social constructs, therefore they are rather fluid than rigid. Identities are rather dynamic than static: people reconstruct their identities, sometimes under the influence of political opportunities and economic inducements. However, this is not a process that is always occurring painlessly and smoothly. There were numerous attempts to suggest […]

Essay on Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Essay Almost everything around us has some decision-making mechanisms. Mammals use their brains collect information, save it in their memory and use it to choose a way of action. Human beings are unique in this matter. Like many other animals, we also can collect, store and use information for our needs. However, one […]

Genetically Modified Food Research Paper

The Truth about Genetically Modified Food “All flesh is grass” – quote from Bible. Even at that time people were aware that foods we eat affect our own bodies. The foods they ate were designed by nature, but today many foods are genetically engineered to increase the nutritional benefit. This alteration affects plants, earth and […]

Divorce Research Paper

Divorce: Causes and Consequences Introduction Divorce is a serious problem in many countries with divorce rates increasing from year to year. This paper focuses on divorce, its definition, problems associated with divorce, its causes and consequences, concentrating specifically on divorced women. The paper also offers a list of possible solutions the government may find in […]