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HIV and AIDS Research Paper

Is HIV/AIDS an international security threat? Introduction To start with it should be said that AIDS is a thrown challenge for the whole humanity. In July 2002 the UNO published a report. According to the guess, in the nearest 20 years deaths by AIDS will touch 68 million persons. In the World War II the […]

Writing Good College Essays

Writing Good College Essays Every student studying at college has got used to essay writing but sometimes this process becomes extremely problematic. Writing an essay demands much time, knowledge and efforts. Student needs time to understand the given topic, realize its problem, collect appropriate data, analyze it and construct a logical informative essay which presents […]

Research Paper on Business Environment

Research Paper on Business Environment As the business environment becomes more global, existing and emerging businesses have to face numerous challenges created by new markets. The first challenge is management of the virtual teams conducting its work though electronic technology. Virtual teams have become the integral part of every organization due to the increase in […]

Anorexia Research Paper

Anorexia based on Health Sickness & Culture Views in the USA The question about health is a very important for the contemporary American society. Health and wealth have become proclaimed national standards recently. There are several logical reasons for such attitude. First of all good health is necessary for an individual to perform his social […]

Affirmative Action Research Paper

History of Affirmative Action Introduction Historically, affirmative action can be viewed as a revolutionary innovation which targets at the dramatic change of the existing socio-economic and political relations within a society. It is necessary to point out that the development of American society in the second half of the 20th century perfectly illustrated the extent […]

Democracy in Iraq Research Paper

Democracy in Iraq: Opportunities and Possibilities Most of the world scholars are pessimistic about the possibility of Iraq to build both stable and democratic regime. Democratic values will not survive in Iraq because Iraq does not have the necessary prerequisites for building and maintaining stable democratic system. The intervention of American forces into Iraq and […]

Essay on the Ocean Floor

Ocean Floor Discoveries That Have Improved Our Lives: The oceans floors are considered to be the most remote part of the Earth. The humanity has made a great breakthrough in exploring the planet, the space and the waters in the last couple of centuries. People walked on the Moon and landed on the surface of […]

Essay on Luxury Goods

Luxury goods: Tremors from the global sell off: Consumer spending is the factor known to maintain the American economy. Economists closely watch the consumer-spending rate because they are in constant fear that the consumers’ decision to cut back on luxury, non-essential purchases will hasten the economic slowdown. During the last decade the US economy profited […]

Hong Kong and San Francisco Essay

Hong Kong and San Francisco Essay: San Francisco is one of the most popular cities of California, United States. Its population is more than 740 thousand people. San Francisco is situated on San Francisco Peninsula, which is a part of San Francisco Bay Area. This city occupies second place in the USA according to the […]

Moral Responsibility Essay

Moral Responsibility Essay: Within the scope of this research, we will elaborate on Aristotle’s view on ‘moral responsibility’. Merely accepting the idea that ethics is a practical enterprise in the sense outlined above, however, does not commit one to a more specific conception of the relationship between attaining a general knowledge of virtue and being […]